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Consumer Information

Consumer Information


  • 家庭教育权利和隐私法(FERPA)
  • 残疾学生设施及服务
  • Student Diversity
  • 知识多样性双年调查
  • 上大学的费用
  • Cohort Default Rate
  • Refund Policies
  • Withdrawal Policy
  • 侵犯版权政策
  • Student Activities


  • Accreditation Information
  • Educational Programs
  • Faculty
  • 教学设施及实验室
  • 转让信贷政策和衔接协议


  • Student Financial Assistance
  • 学生的权利和责任
  • 还款政策(归还第四项资助)


  • 毕业率、转学率和留校率
  • 运动员毕业率和留校率
  • 体育参与和财政支持
  • Placement in Employment


  • 药物和酒精滥用预防方案
  • Campus Safety and Security
  • Vaccination Policy
  • Voter Registration


The 家庭教育权利和隐私法(FERPA) 联邦法律是否保护学生教育记录的隐私. This law applies to all schools receiving federal funding and establishes rules regarding the access to and disclosure of student educational records. FERPA规定了检查和审查记录的权利, 要求修改记录的权利, 以及限制披露学生教育记录的权利.

为了遵守FERPA,密西西比州立大学遵循田纳西州评议委员会(TBR)。 Policy 3:02:03:00 and Guideline S-020. 该策略概述了哪些信息被视为目录信息, 学生档案披露的相关参数, 学生有权查阅和要求修改记录, 学生档案保存在哪里, 以及就FERPA提出投诉的权利. 学生可以通过在线访问这些信息 College Catalog.

All new Pellissippi State students receive information regarding FERPA through New Student Orientation.


密西西比州立社区学院 complies with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The Office of Disability Services coordinates services and academic accommodations for students on all campuses who self-identify and provide appropriate documentation of their disabling condition(s). 要求残疾住宿的学生应联系残疾服务办公室,地址为 865-539-7153 by phone or via email at

Student Diversity

密西西比州立社区学院的人口统计信息可以在 Fact Book, 是由制度效率办公室每学期发布的吗, Assessment and Planning. The Office of Acess & 多样性出版了校园多样性计划, 哪一个为创造一个多样化的环境提供了一个现实的和可测量的过程. 学院的其他人口统计数据可以在 田纳西州高等教育委员会(THEC)网站.


Tennessee law requires all public higher education institutions to “conduct a biennial survey of the institution’s students and employees to assess the campus climate with regard to diversity of thought and the respondents’ comfort level in speaking freely on campus, 不论政治派别或意识形态”(tca199-7-1905).

根据田纳西州的法律, 田纳西州校董会邀请了全体教员, staff, and students at community colleges and the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology to participate in a survey about experiences at their colleges.
All faculty, staff, 学生们收到了这份调查问卷, 问他们大学校园里思想和观点的多样性. 这项调查从2023年1月20日(周五)开始,一直持续到2023年2月1日(周三). 参与这项调查完全是自愿的.

密西西比州立社区学院的学费和费用表可在 有关学杂费的详细信息可在网上查询 College Catalog and Handbook. The Net Price Calculator 可以在助学金办公室网站上找到吗. 教科书的价格可以通过大学在网上找到 Bookstore website.

Cohort Default Rate

密西西比州立大学2019财年的最新队列违约率为2%.8%. 2019财年全国学生贷款违约率为2%.2022年9月14日计算的3%.  Approximately 8.2019年,7%的密西西比州立大学学生借了学生贷款.

Refund Policies

大学退款政策概述在网上 College Catalog. College refund policies can be found online. 大学退款政策与田纳西州校务委员会(TBR)的指导方针保持一致 B-060费用、收费、退款和费用调整. 退款日期详列于 Academic Calendar.

Withdrawal Policy

密西西比州立社区学院’ withdrawal policy allows for the withdrawal from courses without penalty through certain points in the semester, which are published in Academic Calendar. Information 有关退课政策的详细信息可在网上大学目录中找到.


佩里西比州立社区学院有与版权材料相关的制度政策. 大学政策03:16:01使用有版权的材料解决了这个问题. Other policies related to copyrighted materials include policy 08:13:05 Computer System Use and college policy 04:02:00 Student Code of Conduct and Due Process. 策略04:02:00禁止未经授权的点对点文件共享, 未经授权分发受版权保护的材料, 以及对此类违规行为可以采取的纪律处分. 这项政策每年由学生事务副主席发布.

Student Activities

密西西比州立社区学院 offers a diversity of student activities through its 学生参与及领导能力 department. The purpose of SEAL is to provide learning and personal development in co-curricular activities and experiences where students connect with other students, faculty, staff and the community. Pellissippi State offers a variety of student organizations that provide personal enrichment opportunities and help students to develop skills in leadership, event planning, budgeting, communication and marketing.

Accreditation Information

密西西比州立社区学院 is accredited by the 南方学院协会学院委员会 (SACSCOC) to award the associate degree. Degree-granting institutions also may offer credentials such as certificates and diplomas at approved degree levels. Questions about the accreditation of 密西西比州立社区学院 may be directed in writing to the 南方学院协会学院委员会 at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, by calling (404) 679-4500, 或使用SACSCOC网站(

1866 Southern Lane
Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 679-4500

Educational Programs

Information regarding 密西西比州立社区学院’s academic programs can be found in the online Catalog (这些学术项目包括田纳西转学途径, 转学/大学并行课程(AA, AS and AST degrees), 职业技术课程(AAS学位), and Certificate Programs. 关于田纳西转学途径的更多信息可以在网上找到


通过云顶集团的电子邮件系统可以找到佩里西比州立大学的教师目录. 个人可以通过拨打865-694-6400查询教师联系信息.


Information regarding Pellissippi State’s instructional facilities and labs can be found by contacting Regina McNew, Director of Facilities, 电话:865-694-6650或电子邮件


Information regarding transfer programs and articulation agreements with other colleges can be found in the online College Catalog. 这些信息包括大学平行担保, Tennessee Transfer Pathways, 以及衔接和转让协议.

Information regarding awarding of transfer credit at Pellissippi State from other colleges and information regarding alternative ways of earning credit can be found in the College Catalog and Handbook.

Student Financial Assistance

The student financial aid program at Pellissippi State is designed to assist students who find it difficult to attend college without financial assistance. 佩里西比州立大学通过奖学金提供全面的经济援助计划, part-time employment, grants and loans. 主要的重点放在经济需求上, academic achievement, 品格和对未来成功的承诺. 学生可以申请一种或多种类型的经济援助.

The basis for determining financial need is the result of an analysis of the parents’ and/or student’s resources as provided by the 联邦学生免费申请 Aid (FAFSA). 此申请可在Web上完成,网址为

获得经济援助的资格是基于经济需要, 可获得的资金和能力保持令人满意的学业进展. To qualify a student must

  1. Complete the 联邦学生免费申请. 帮助确定财务需求.
  2. 申请进入密西西比州立大学作为一个普通的,攻读学位的学生.
  3. 提交文件(税务记录,验证表格等).),如有要求,可向密西西比州州财政援助办公室申请.
  4. Have official academic transcripts sent to Pellissippi State’s Enrollment Services from all postsecondary institutions previously attended.
  5. 满足佩里西比州立大学对财政援助接受者的令人满意的学术进步标准.

佩里西比州立大学鼓励学生尽早申请经济援助. 每个学期都有学术日历中列出的优先截止日期. Financial aid files completed as of these priority deadlines will be given first consideration in the allocation of institutional and federal campus-based funds. Files completed after the priority deadlines will be accepted and awards made to eligible students on a first-come, 只要资金充足,先到先得.


佩里西比州立社区学院的学生有一定的权利和责任. These are outlined in 政策:学生的权利、自由和责任.

Students have the following rights and responsibilities 与佩里西比州立社区学院的经济援助有关.


  • 参加所有注册的课程.
  • 准确填写所有的经济援助表格,并按时提交到正确的地方. 每学年必须提交一份新的助学金申请.
  • Return all documentation, verification, 及时更正和/或提供新信息.
  • 没有拖欠学生贷款,也没有拖欠州或联邦拨款.
  • 通知财政援助办公室收到任何外部补助金,奖学金或福利.
  • 了解该机构对第四章财政援助接受者的满意学业进步政策.
  • 在放弃或退出一门课程之前,与财务援助人员谈谈.
  • 完成在接受联邦/机构勤工俭学奖励时商定的工作.

Students have the right to:

  • 了解密西西比州立大学有哪些经济援助项目.
  • 了解学杂费的成本.
  • 了解经济援助将如何分配, 分配的决定是如何做出的,这些决定的基础是什么.
  • 了解他们的出勤成本预算是如何确定的, 包括学费和杂费, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, 杂项/个人开支.
  • 知道什么资源(比如父母的贡献), student contribution, other financial aid, veterans benefits, etc.)在计算他们的需要时被考虑在内.
  • 了解他们的经济需求有多少已经通过经济援助得到满足.
  • 要求校方解释学生资助计划中的各种项目.
  • 了解该机构第四章基金的回报政策.
  • 了解该机构对第四章财政援助接受者的满意学业进步政策.
  • 了解他们收到的经济援助的哪一部分必须偿还,哪一部分是捐赠援助. If the aid is a loan, 他们有权知道利率是多少, 必须偿还的总金额, the repayment procedures, 他们必须偿还贷款的时间长度以及何时开始偿还.


密西西比州立社区学院 complies with federal Title IV regulations relative to the return of tuition and institutional fees for federal financial aid recipients who stop attending classes. The Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy applies to students receiving federal financial aid funds who completely withdraw from all courses prior to 60% of the semester. 这一政策也适用于在学期的60%之前停止上课的学生. 关于标题IV基金的返回信息可以在网上找到 Catalog 以及来自财政援助办公室的.


密西西比州立社区学院毕业, transfer out, 保留率可以通过 综合专上教育数据系统(IPEDS).  这些数据可通过访问IPEDS大学导航网站获得 寻找密西西比州立社区学院.

有关学院的其他数据可在学院网站上找到 院校效能、评估及规划网站.





Placement in Employment

密西西比州立社区学院 collects information regarding the job placement of its career technical graduates. 这些信息可以在就业办公室网站上找到.


密西西比州立社区学院向学生分发信息, faculty, 和员工关于无毒校园/员工政策. The Executive Director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action sends this information to all employees on an annual basis. 学生事务副主席每年通过电子邮件向所有学生发送这些信息. 所有新生都会在新生入学指导的“需要知道”文件中收到这些信息.

Further information regarding Pellissippi State’s alcohol and other drug prevention programs can be found at the 毒品和酒精预防网站.

Campus Safety and Security

佩里西比州立社区学院安全与保障部发布了 Annual Security Report. 该报告每年通过电子邮件分发给教职员工和学生. 该报告可在 IPEDS大学导航网站 and on the OPE校园安全统计网站.

Vaccination Policy

佩利西比州紧随其后 vaccination policy 田纳西州校董会主席.

Voter Registration

密西西比州立社区学院 voter registration 学生事务处网站提供的资料. The College conducts periodic voter registration drives through the Service Learning department and through the 学生参与及领导能力 department.